Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want two or more music sites version?

We can combine your licenses into one so you don't need to switch between several serial numbers. If you want to control more than 4 sites accounts, we would recommend the Ultimate Version, cost less than buy separate licenses.

How many accounts can I manage with AIOStream V?

You can import as many as accounts to the software, there is no limited.

How can I get my software and license code?

Software and license will be sent to email automatically after payment.

Can your software create bulk accounts?

Yes, we integrated Spotify/deezer/amazon/tidal etc. accounts creator into AIOStream V. You can use them to create accounts automatically.

How secure is AIOStream V?

Very secure. Protecting the data you trust to AIOStream V is our top priority. Your accounts & playlists are safe. We never store any of your music site credentials on our servers.

Will my accounts be banned?

No. If you follow our recommendations and use the software with moderation, there is zero chance you will put your accounts at risk. Be sure to never log in to an account on other devices while you are automating that same account on AIOStream V.

Will my playlists be banned, esp. Spotify playlist?

NO. You can easily create bulk playlists in the software and use the accounts that create playlists to play the playlists. If you think only PC streams is a risk, you can use StreamTrigger to generate mobile streams.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. Our price options suit for all people with different budget. Some services only allow you to manage one account or 30 accounts per site. We allow you to manage UNLIMITED accounts on every music site out there. We offer monthly plan, yearly plan and lifetime plan.

What is your refund policy?

100% refund within 36 hours after purchase.

If after 36 hours, refunds are given on a case-by-case basis. If we cannot help you solve an issue with the app, we will refund you immediately.

I met problem in using the software, how can I get help?

You can send us support ticket at: at , or contact us through WhatsApp: +8618375914669.

Can I customize new functions?

Yes, of course. Please send us your needs to our email address: [email protected] or contact us through WhatsApp: +8618375914669.

Can I run different music sites at the same time?

Yes of course. You can run the Spotify Play Module to get some plays on your Spotify tracks and simultaneously run the SoundCloud Follow Module to grow SoundCloud followers. Modules are conveniently separated so you can mix and match them. You can individually customize them exactly to your needs.

Can I cancel the monthly/yearly subscription at anytime?

Yes. You can cancel anytime, no questions asked. However, we would highly appreciate if you will give us some feedback so we can improve